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Digital Marketing In 2021 Post Covid

This is not an exaggeration but let’s face the fact that the Corona Virus pandemic did pause every single economy across the world. What once perhaps looked like a promising financial forecast for the country in 2020, it has been significantly turned down as most of us have fought to afloat with the sudden and unforeseen catastrophe of the world, very well known as Covid-19.  Although we are not out of the woods yet, with the restrictions easing and cases falling globally, it is important that as an e-commerce business, we are ready to bounce back smarter and stronger as we proceed ahead with the post-Covid digital marketing world. This will no doubt require a lot of rethinking of the current strategy.
Let us explore more in detail:

Digital Marketing Pre-COVID-19

Before COVID-19 hit, considerable and prominent digital marketing trends were emerging, such as the increase of video marketing, micro-moments, influencer marketing, and engagement based email marketing. It was completely clear that digital marketing is progressing to keep pace with innovations technologically and change in consumer preferences, such as the expectation for ads and content to be increasingly personalized and relevant to each individual.

As a consequence of Covid19, consumer preferences and behavior got shifted. Therefore, knowing how to reach and convert customers online has never been so much important and living at the forefront of innovation requires an understanding of how digital marketing is changing.

The Big Shift - Online Engagement

For the greater reason, it is time to put the consumer and their needs foremost and the businesses that identify these requirements and ready to cater to them accordingly will certainly stand out amongst those who don’t. The priority of future campaigns in a post-Covid environment should primarily focus on creating value, exceeding customer experience and continue to offer a meaningful and purpose driven brand. The internet usage has steadily increased for years now, however, since pandemic, the usage has shown drastic shift. People have suddenly found themselves spending an uncharacteristic amount of time at home, which also means they are spending more time online too. People not only spend time on the web for entertainment but also seeking information, virtual solutions and tools to enhance their skill sets in times of uncertainty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that more frequently people are looking for products and services online due to social distancing norms. Digital agencies across India focused on these incredible growths in search volumes across a large range of industries and have recognized the best opportunities for business growth. The consumer appetite for buying products and services continues to be very much blooming, with a 300% increase in online sales. Digital marketing has changed because people are changing and their expectations changing. A new normal is being established, thus new behaviors are not only visible but also being accepted.

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