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“MEMES” As A Digital Marketing Material

The word “meme” is an acronym for “modelled on gene” from Ancient Greek which means “to imitate.” However, the Wikipedia definition for “meme” is “a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet.” Today, the common use of the word “meme” usually refers to the “internet meme,” referring to a funny image, gif or a video, being shared on social media.

Role Of Memes In The Evolution Of The Digital Market Today

Relevant memes in digital marketing are like a new language to this generation of the Internet of things. They are the most used and enjoyed content on the internet today. According to statistics, memes are the most shared content, taking over 85 percent of the world’s share. Sometimes, people do not know the objective or the origin of the meme but simply share it because it’s amusement and fun being relatable. Millions are attracted to this format of communication as it is witty, sarcastic and funny.

The meme trend is spreading on like wildfire among pop culture which has helped the brands showcase and market themselves in better and relatable ways.

Why Memes Work?

Funny being the favourite genre today, memes are the smartest way of reaching the target audience and attaining their attention and getting the message across. They are not only trending among the youth, but they also spread among them easily at a faster rate if they are creative and witty enough. Memes are an easy way to illustrate complex concepts and seem engaging to the target audience compared to long explanatory sentences that seem boring and displeasing. Being always to the point and aiming for a quick laugh, audiences are attracted to memes and tend to remember your brand and also promote your brand creativity.

As memes have become an inherently popular shareable form of content, with the right use of art and humour you will build your brand’s trust among your essential audience in no time. As Meme culture is here to stay and will thrive in the years to come, brands need to be up to date with the current trends and implement them in their marketing strategies and memes are a perfect way to do that.

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