Slowly, slowly you’ll fall in love with Slowly

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Slowly, slowly you’ll fall in love with Slowly

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To all old mongering souls, who consider words as a powerful medium of expressing emotions. We bring to you- Slowly.

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An app developed by Slowly Communication Limited: Slowly brings to you the charm of writing
a letter to an anonymous person whom you are introduced to by the platform (Slowly). Slowly aspires to bring the experience of writing a letter to smartphones.
Slowly is continuously trying to break the rhetorical texting scenario, allowing every user to experience a true and complacent conversation with a person whose, physical attributes are anonymous.
Holistically, Slowly is cultivating a culture of taking conversations slowly, but building meaningful repository of chats.

Getting started with slowly:
Available on all Platforms: PlayStore and AppStore. Slowly can be downloaded in a flicker of second.

The Process

1. Download / Install

Slowly is available on Android and Ios Application store. For all you need is to type Slowly on Search tab, and Voila.

2. Sign Up

Once you’ve downloaded Slowly, Sign up to the application to create a personalised eco-system fostering your likes and dislikes.

3. Select a Pen name and an avatar

A pen name, for your friends to address you with. And an avatar which seems aesthetic to your eyes are the only physical attributes you’re required to fill.

4. Yellow your passion to serve as starters to your conversation

From the hundreds of Interests available, choose your likes to help Slowly connect you to your inner circle, who prefer or talk to you on what you like.

5. Start sending letters to people who share same interests as yours

After all the Login procedures, you can type a letter, that will be sent to any three people whose interests match to yours. And then, start exchanging letters.

Last Words

With about 10 Million active users, a new social media forum is building. But with limited mass appeal. Slowly isn’t your cup of tea, if you believe in on-time replying, because once you stamp and send the letter it travels like a real time letter, taking its very own time to cross geological boundaries.

This application is created for those who yearn for meaningful conversations with people in the era of instant messaging. Slowly hopes to connect people around the world at a slower but better pace – one letter at a time.

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