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To the times of Netflix and Chill / What is Internet of Things?

To a generation that believes in Netflix and chill, Internet of things would be an easily digestible concept. But, for our ancestors they would be appalled by the idea that Internet of things (IoT) as a concept puts on the table.

It is easy to gauge the meaning, and intricacies of the concept of Internet of things with its mere name itself, but let’s understand it through art. Easier to digest than a Saridon.

HER and Internet

Imagine if you fall in love with a person who isn’t physically accessible?

The above-mentioned is a vague idea of Spike Jonze’s 2013 Romantic drama. HER, is a peek into the world of tomorrow(or upcoming) which is paradoxical; with dominance of technology and negligence of human anatomy. The movie introduces the concept of Artificial Intelligence, maybe Amazon might have plagiarized their idea to develop Alexa!(emphasis on Maybe).

Coming back to Her and IoT. The movie tells us how technology through the support of Internet might even replace human existence around us. Take for a matter Alexa can switch on your TV on your command, making your maid rejoice. Unknowing we’ll are in the circle of Internet.

Circle of Internet

We all are in the Circle of Internet, where internet is ever-present and used on all utilities around us. While all our chores are done at the comfort and convenience of our couch.

Internet of Things

‘‘I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ was the title of a presentation I made at P&G in 1999’’. – Quoting Kevin Asthon

Internet of Things was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 while presenting to Procter and Gamble (P&G) senior-management. But, according to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, the Internet of things was born in 2008 and 2009 at simply the point in time when more things or objects were connected to the Internet than people, as there was an upswing in devices being used by people.

IoT is how the internet is used in different devices to send and receive signals or messages and communicate.

Initially, we used to use Internet only to socially connect with people or to find information and gain knowledge. But, with times passing we have started using Internet on all devices. These devices could be an ordinary smartphone to a Smart TV or an I-Pad.

This Inter-communication among different devices and human is all possible due to Internet and it leads us to a world where everything’s automated and all technologies are connected through the Internet.

Iot in India

Internet of Things is a developing concept in India, with 60 Million IoT devices being used in India and an estimated increase to 1.9 Billion by 2020. These IoT devices are currently placed in metropolitan cities of the country and with Smart City Initiative by the Government of India which aims at creating cities where Affordable housing, infrastructural developments, preservation of open spaces and waste and traffic management, among others and with Smart City Initiative Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are going to see a wide reach. In India, IoT can be used to overcome challenges in extreme climate calamities, civic issues, efficient farming value chain, healthcare and education.

We no longer access internet, internet is ever present without an on and off switch.

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